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Acquisition date: 2/17/2009
Acquisition info: link
Price: $35M
Profile: 3DV is one of the companies that’s developing a next-generation user interface for games that goes beyond what the Wii motion-sensing controller can do. Israeli site Haaretz reported today that Microsoft plans to buy 3DV for $35 million.
3DV has been working on its ZCams for some time. These cameras function much like Sony’s EyeToy, but they’re much more accurate at detecting motion. That’s because they’re 3-D depth cameras, which sense how far away an object is from the camera. In the camera’s black-and-white imaging, the closer objects are lighter and the more distant objects are darker. The camera captures the locations of objects many times per second, so it can detect an object and its trajectory, making it perfect for game control purposes.

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