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Acquisition date: 12/23/2005
Acquisition info: link
Price: Undisclosed
Profile: GeoTango GlobeView™ delivers a 3D digital earth allowing you to interactively explore the world. Smoothly maneuver from the global to local level while GeoTango GlobeView™ instantly presents you with high quality image and location-based information streamed from anywhere on the internet. Unlike other systems GeoTango GlobeView™ offers a truly open and web services-oriented solution.
SilverEye™ is uniquely capable of generating 3D building models from single images. Rapidly build 3D models of urban centers or facilities of interest such as military and nuclear installations. Use either satellite imagery or aerial photographs. Export your results to mapping, gaming and 3D simulation packages in popular GIS and OpenFlight formats. This patent-pending technology is the fastest approach to build 3D models of any location in the world.

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